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New page : Harry Potter!


I’m not dead (yet) XD I’m still collecting cards!

After spending a week-end watching the entire Harry Potter movie series, I’ve decided to start collecting some sets (there are too many!): HERE.
For now, I managed to get HP & the Sorcerer’s Stone and HP & the Prisoners of Azkaban (update) sets. I’m considering to start HP & the Chamber of Secrets and POA update set. I also found an interesting deal on eBay (6 full regular set for $30)…

I’ve also updated Sailor Moon page and added the Carddass Revival sets. I’m not really fond of those sets but it’s still quite nice to have Sailor Moon re-issued cards in 2016 😉

I’m back !

One year and a half past since my last update. I have been throught a lot… But I’m finally back and motivated to complete my collections !
I brought a new theme to make it up to you ! x) I like this one a lot more : it’s simple and clean. I hope you like it too !

All my listing are updated. I’m open to trade again, so feel free to contact me !

See ya’ !

New website !

This website needed to be revamped. It is now powered by WordPress !

I’m currently NOT trading cards as I’m pretty busy with study, work and stuff…
Sorry if I didn’t answer your email. But I’ll try to update my lists this summer !

For now, you can visit Trading Cards Fan, a forum where a lot of nice people will gladly help you to complete your collections !